About Us

Established in 1982,
until 1997 in Nehmten / Kreis Plön, afterwards working stays in Malaga and Granada / Spain,
Since April 2001 workshop in Preetz.
Since August 2002 in Plön am Schloss.

Trained as cabinet maker/ master craftsman in cabinet making and restorer of furniture.
Trained as building engineer at the Wirtschaftsakademie in Kiel.
Several years of work in different areas of cabinet making / training in restoration workshops in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg.
Participation in various training courses and work symposia of the restorers’ associations and the Chamber of Craft / Craft Guild


Restoration Principles:

To restore is to preserve the existing as far as this is possible!

Therefore we prefer gentle, working methods which focus on preserving the substance (handcraft).
On principle, we refuse to apply brutal machine grinding of old polishes and veneers.
Should great destruction make it necessary to completely remove the old polish or surface and subsequently rebuilt it, we apply a special wet grinding procedure (without losing the substance).
We only use mild solvents or special drying tree or vegetable oils to enliven colours if desired.

Old polishes with their beautiful patina which originates from many decades of different uses can most of the time be replenished and refurbished after the loose areas have been glued and missing parts replaced. Customers often have difficulties in accepting an ink dot etc. on the desk top or a continuous crack in the surface. It would be absolutely wrong to grind the dot with brutal methods or completely reveneer the surface.

Using mild solvents in connection with gentle mechanical procedures considerably tones down the ink dot and diminishes its objectionable effect. Inserting pieces which match in terms of grain and patina into the missing parts of the veneer and then polishing or repatination can eliminate most visible damages.

Our ever expanding pool of old furniture and parts of furniture which are past remedy plays an important role in this procedure. Our stock of spare parts provides us with the necessary aged furniture parts, veneers and substantial wood which show the required structure or patina for professional gentle restoration. We replace bigger missing parts as well as damaged ornamental or constructive elements (past remedy) with aged wood and veneers as true-to-original replicas and gently insert them into the existing substance. Structure, colour and patina are imitated in these cases. We keep to our principle to only remove old material which is past remedy or which, for reasons of construction as well as aesthetics, is not absolutely required for an ideal result.

(c) by T. Schmitz